Newport Beach Surfing School
Thanks Matt, This Is A Picture Of Us After My Completion Of My Curriculum, Advanced Curriculum And Road Trips I Took With You And The Excellent Staff. Thanks For The Best Surf Instruction On The Planet, Courtney.
Hi Matt,
Thanks for the lessons.  I think I've found a challenging new hobby.  I'll definitely try getting down to Doheny and see how it goes.  I'll get the reps in and go from there.  
Please thank Sarah, Parker, and Kyle again for me. They were very helpful in getting me up to speed, and patient with me.  They are great instructors. 

Matt We Are The Swiss Students On Tour Took The Curriculum And Bought Equipment Upon Returning To Surf Europe And You Were Awesome!!!!!!
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 Date:  Monday, January 06, 2014 10:46 am
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Happy New Year Matt, and thanks for these great 5 sessions of surfing in SOCAL. We’re now back in DC, looking fwd to going back !!




Consatnce, Pierre & Alex After Their 5 Lessons @ Sano Road Trip'n!!!
Nick And Larson After Completing The Advanced Curriculum Corrected After Attempting To Surf On His Own For Five Years All Corrected Now Ready To Surf The Right Way And Just Got Back From A Surf Trip To The Best Right Point In Mexico!!!


I just got back from a weeklong surf trip in Cardon, Mexico. We had a sweet point break with lefts peeling 150 yards and longer. I caught so many great waves. I wanted to thank you for all your help in getting me ready for this trip. Your program was fantastic, and all the other tips (type of sunscreen to use, how to read Surfline, bring extra leashes, etc) was invaluable.

Thanks again.

Nicholas M. Bock
Senior Vice President
Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

Parker Instructor With Luke Student After Advanced Lessons!!! Thanks Matt, Now I can Surf Proficiently!!! Thanks!!!
Hey Matt,
Buddy, I cant thank you enough for all your teaching expertise and learning curriculum. I enjoyed every minute of it and am stoked to get better every time I paddle out. I learned so much in the four classes and now have all the right equipment and understanding of the proper techniques and cant wait to put in the time to master those techniques.
I am looking forward to taking the next step in getting the custom 9'4 twin comp and enroll in your Advanced Curriculum in the future. I will be sure to recommend your surf school to anyone who is interested in being taught by a top professional.
Looking forward to seeing you on the beach and watching the Niners win the NFC West.

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Hey Rob,
It was a real pleasure to meet you and teach all the basics through the curriculum for a solid foundation. You nailed it getting all the right gear and with the Road Trip to "DOHO" and caught it on a stellar swell too!!! Your the kind of student/client that makes love what I do, continuing the dream and passing my passion on to multiple generations to come.
I tailgate all through the season, don't hesitate to drop by in the near future. Kap of the 9'ers should shread his way through all the defenses making stumble and trip as he fires by them, should be fun to watch.
Hopefully you'll also step up to the plate and get the 9'-4" twin comp and get in a Advanced Curriculum too in the future.
Keep Surfing,

Orange County Surf School/Californiar
Sara Instructor "Road Trip'n" @ "DOHO" With Lisas' New Custom After Just 5 Lessons!!!
It was a pleasure and I look forward to working with you and your staff in the future Your a good guy!!!  Before I post this onto YELP, I wanted to give you an opportunity to read it and comment. I also had some other comments not part of this letter below:
If your beginner and want to become a surfer and learn how to surf properly from the beginning, or, have been surfing for a while and want to improve your knowledge and skill level, Newport Surfing School is THE surf school for you.
Matt, owner and operator of Newport Surfing School, a former Pro-surfer, along with his staff of other world class Pro-surfers, have established a 4 lesson curriculum that teaches beginners, like me, the BASICS of surfing with the “GOAL” of getting the student to ride a wave while standing up during the first lesson and to be able to surf on your own after the 4th lesson to practice the skills you have learned throughout the curriculum. Matt and his instructors are patient and able to work with students of all levels. They so much want to impart their passion of surfing to you in hopes you will develop a passion for the sport as well. For those who are already surfers, Matt also offers intermediate to advanced curriculums along with day trips that will refine your knowledge and skills to make you a better surfer. If you need your first surf board or require a specific board and gear for your goals, Matt offers in-shop consulting to provide you with the proper recommendations using his expertise to “HELP” ensure the right purchase. Having knowledge of all the local surf shops helps a lot in knowing where to go and what to look for is either new or used equipment. I purchased my first board this way and am glad that I did.
Newport Surfing School may not be the least expensive schools but in my opinion, they are worth every penny.  Where else, can you get taught by world class surfers, some who are currently top world competitors?
If you want to learn to surf, do it right!!! I highly recommend Newport Surfing School in Newport BeachCalifornia…I am so looking forward to continuing with the next curriculum level!

California Surfing School Lessons Orange County Newport Beachl
Tracy/Student & Sara/Instructor Going Through Another Advanced Curriculum!!!
Hey Matt,
I was so very surprised how I progressed in a short period of time after completing your Curriculum Programs. I love surfing now that your transformed into a "complete" surfer!!! I'll tell all of my friends to go through your surf school and I will continue to make my passion just like you have too!!!
Thanks again,

Instructor Zach & Student Russ Ready For The Surf In The Advanced Curriculum!!!
Hi Matt,

Had a great time on the water today thanks to you and your methods of da man! I'm stoked to say the least and can't 
wait to get back out. If I already had a board, I would be going 
tomorrow..........oh well, I can wait another week or so.....I hope. My 
son was at the Point this morning and said it was sweet!! Gotta 
go..........just wanted to say thanks for the quality start and I look 
forward to more of your knowledgeable lessons. My life now has a huge 
new aspect to it.....................I'm hooked!!

Best regards,

John & Jessica Set Up Dialed & Styled After Completion Of The "Curriculum"!!!
Hey Matt,
Thanks for the lessons! We had a blast and are stoked that we're all setup to catch waves. My surf rack gets installed tomorrow... then it's really game on (road trips, etc)!! See you around!

Newport Surfing Lessons
Thanks For The 10 Lessons Matt, Gwen!!!
Hey Matt,
  It's been going pretty good! Thanks for touching base. I will definitely be back for some advanced lessons, and to get a short board as well. I enjoyed the lessons with you and your crew as well. Talk soon! 

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Hey Kimberly,
How's it going practicing on your new board? Hope your getting as often as possible to progress so you can get on a high brid by summer? Keep on surfing then come back and get a few advanced lessons in so I can get you to another level.
Thanks again, it was a pleasure to teach you,

Penelope Requested "Matt" To Complete Her Curriculum's And Was Transformed Into A Real Surfer!!!
California Surfing School Lessons Orange County Newport Beach
Anise & Penelope After Her Curriculum On Vacation!!! Thanks Matt!!!
This is a great pic.  thanks so much.  

I attached a few pics for you as well.  

We'll definitely connect again before our next trip.  Penelope is already excited looking at surfboards at Jack's!  

A big thanks again to you and Anise for the excellent teaching.  I recommended your school already to a very interested mom.  I let her know about your minimum curriculum.

By the way, I never thanked you and Anise for an excellent job at distracting Penelope from the injured surfer on the beach last Friday.    I saw your actions and was very impressed.  

Have a great rest of the summer. 


Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2011 17:15:39 +0000
Subject: Lessons

Hi Lisa,

Attached is a very cute pic of Penelope & Anise posed together before hitting the water. I didn't get a hot shot of her dropping into a set wave but You may have taken a couple of shots of Her on the wave riding some insides. It was a pleasure to hang out and teach Penelope the basics this week and my hope is that She will come back and continue and get geared up since She is going to be a surfer!!! When ready get her set up with the "Curriculum" so I can advance Her in a very short time frame. She'll be totally stoked, I guarantee it! 

See You next time,


I forwarded your e-mail to Russ as well.
I had a great time with you and learned a lot in a short amount of time.  I feel more confident in the water that I have an idea of what I should be doing and where I should be.  Great lessons on body placements on the board for any situation in the water.....scoot back then lay down (it works!).
I appreciate that this sport has a long learning curve vs. others such as snowboarding.  I'll keep working the pop-ups, paddle strength and pivot turns.  See you in the water!
Thanks again,
Scott Heck
From: Matt Binswanger 
 Thursday, May 17, 2012 7:38 PM
Subject: Lessons!

Hey Scott-Russ,

It was a pleasure to teach/hang out/surf with You Guy's through the Curriculum. It is also a real great experience when clients step up and buy the correct equipment getting all geared up too correctly!

We should definitely go on the road trip south for an advanced session in the near future. Call me when ready or if You Guy's don't I would like to see You again just to get together for dinner/coffee some time. I'm sure I'll see You too in the water.

Thanks again & Keep Surfing,


Daniel Instructor-Alex Student-Cody Student-Zach Instructor Who Took The Curriculum And Got All Set Up!!! Thanks Guy's!!!
EMILY "THE KENTUKIAN" TOTALLY STOKED AFTER TAKING LESSONS ON VACATION! She Plans On Surfing In The Future And Where Ever She Goes She Will Have All The Basics In And Know How, When Where And Be On The Correct Board Sizes!



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 Date:  Monday, September 20, 2010 05:47 pm
 Subject:  Re: surf lesson 4

Thank you so much for most excellent lessons, I know what to do now and can do it (sometimes, I know I need way more practice).   I made a wise choice to learn from probably the best.  I'll most likely ask for another lesson when I'm ready.   Please tell Teddy thanks for me, he's great.  And extra thanks for taking me to Jack's for the wetsuit, it is right.


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Hi Tim,
You are confirmed Sept. 18th. @ 7:00 A.M. for the fourth lesson of the Curriculum.
See You Tomorrow,
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Subject: surf lesson 4

Matt, I'm set for the fourth lesson on Saturday. Will that be okay? Tim Ziesmer

Jenna Me & Sara Current Pro's At Location Before Lessons
Dear Matt,
We are also very happy because we met you. You are a very professional teacher and very human person. We are very thankful for your time and your teachings. Take care and I will write you when we I want you to take Kamilla for advance classes. 
Hugs, Martha

Kira & I Did 10 Lessons Together And Bought All Of Her Equipment And Became A Surfer!
Hey Matt,
Just saying what up! And thought you might like seeing these two artificial waves (if you haven't seen them before). One is somewhere in basque country ("wavegarden"). Other is in Dubai.
I'm gonna be busy this month with earnings season, but i'll let you know when I can finish up the remaining 2 sessions. Until then i'll be up here in LA practicing getting to the peak, jockeying, and swinging my front foot all the way around. By the way - followed the jockeying technique you taught me and worked like a charm. Made new friends and guys were even sharing waves, it was one of the most fun times i've had out there. Like you said - the good vibes just spread among all the guys out there. Thanks man! Hope all is well!

We had a blast! You and your guys were awesome.

-Bob Koontz


Our group had a great time attending your surf school and having the opportunity to learn some basic steps to surfing.  Being from Minnesota this was the first time my children had seen the ocean much less experienced surfing.  They all thought it was fun and your program helped them to succeed and become confident in their abilities.  We appreciated you having two instructors available and splitting the group up between the younger cousins and older cousins.  Thanks again and if we are in Newport again we will certainly give you a call.

-Amber Smith, Plymouth, MN

Thanks for all your help with the lessons and being patient.  I know it's a struggle.  I haven't bought a board yet but I still have my measurements.  Mark is already considering our next trip to be a surf trip.  Hey maybe we will do Bali!

Aloha, Rebecca

Hey Matt - The girls had a great time, thanks. We will let you know the next time we are in town to get some additional lessons or board rentals.

Thanks - Dave

Thanks Matt, I had fun my kids had fun and we were all able to surf. It was really a great day of family fun. 



Matt, I had a wonderful time learning the basic to surfing,I can't wait to go again. You and your guys were great. When I go back down to Newport I will be giving you a call so I can surf some more. I also want my husband and daughter to learn from you and your guys.

Thanks again,

Liz V, Brentwood, CA

Yes, thanks for asking. I would like to get her back for a full week or two session with you, will let you know if our travel plans work out next summer.



Your extensive surfing experience really adds so much to your lessons that you can't find anywhere else. Thanks for all the help and tips!

-Renee, San Clemente, CA