Lesson Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing Newport Surf School (hereinafter called “we” or “us”).  We know you have a choice of surf schools and we appreciate your confidence in us.  Please be sure that you/all lesson participants have read and understood these Terms and Conditions.  If you have any questions, please call us in advance for clarification.

1. Confirmation of Booking. Full tuition payment by credit card, check, or cash is required in advance for confirmation of booking. Once we have confirmed the booking of lesson(s), verbally or in writing, a contract exists between the person making the booking (hereinafter called “you”) and us, and you accept responsibility for payment on behalf of all course participants. You are responsible for insuring that all course participants have read and understood these Terms and Conditions.

2. Punctuality. Lessons will begin without you at the designated time.  If you are late or miss a lesson, you will not receive a refund except (a) in case of a medical emergency with a physician’s written explanation of the medical emergency or (b) in our discretion for non-medical emergency situations, in which latter case, we will reschedule the lesson at an additional cost of 50% of the original lesson tuition.

3. Surf Conditions. In the rare event that we determine in our discretion that surf conditions or weather conditions are unsuitable for your activity, we will make all efforts to reschedule your lesson.  These conditions are beyond our control, and, therefore, we cannot guarantee ideal surfing conditions at all times, either on account of the inclement weather or poor surf.

4. Changing Your Booking. We make every effort (but cannot guarantee) to arrange any changes (e.g., date/time changes, etc.) after your booking is confirmed, provided that changes are subject to availability of course dates, and booking change charges may apply.

5. Picture Taking/Video Taping/Observation From Non Registered. We require that any picture taking and videotaping of course participants or observation be deferred until AFTER completion of the lesson, to (a) allow the course participant to properly focus on the lesson substance without distraction and (b) to protect our confidential teaching methods and curricula developed over the past four decades. We reserve the right to terminate a lesson without refund if this Term and Condition is not honored.  Further, we require that adult course participants arrive alone for lessons since lessons are closed to non-course participants; of course, in the case of minor course participants, a parent/guardian may accompany the minor but we  ask the parent/guardian to observe at a reasonable distance from the lesson venue as we may determine so that the minor may receive maximum benefit from individualized instruction.

6. Brochure and Website Accuracy While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our brochure and website, they are intended only as a guide to the services we provide and we are relieved of any liability due to any errors or omissions they may contain, or any discrepancies between the brochure or website’s content and that service.  Any likeness or image of you secured or taken during any of our lessons may be used by us without charge in all media for promotional or marketing purposes.  This includes promotional materials of any kind, such as brochures, leaflets, videos and the internet.  If you would prefer not to be used in any promotional materials, please inform us in writing prior to your course.

7. Course Participation Liability and Other Important Information.  The activities of surfing carry a degree of risk both to people and property, even if enjoyed under proper supervision by qualified instructors.  All participants must make us aware of any medical conditions, illnesses, or allergies they may have and any prescribed medication they are taking.  No one should participate in any of our activities if they are suffering from a heart condition or if they are pregnant.  All participants certify by their participation that they are able to swim at least 25 yards and must in no circumstances be under the influence of any alcohol, drugs or medication at the time of the lesson which may adversely affect their physical abilities.  All participants will abide by all instructions and decisions that we make.  Participants will have the use of our equipment during their lessons.  Although we take all reasonable measures to ensure the safety and good condition of that equipment, participants are responsible for immediately reporting any damage caused to the equipment or which becomes apparent while the equipment is in their possession.  We assume no liability in respect to any personal injury, loss, damage, consequential loss or third party claims which may occur.

Thank you again for choosing Newport Surf School!