General Information

Class Size: All lessons are private to semi private, with no more than two students per instructor and class size limited to ten students. A). Every student is at different levels. B). Keep the public surf zone safe. C). Non-Intrusive environment. D). Focus on lesson substance without distractions.

Surf Equipment: Top quality 3/2 summer or 4/3 winter full suits and a full quiver of over 30 Surf Tech boards, (not cheap foamies) in different sizes to fit all students for assessment provided for a small usage fee until purchased or for the duration exclusive for the visitor. See Extras.

Minimum Age Requirement: 8 years. ***Must be able to swim proficiently in open ocean conditions and parent/guardian must be present at every lesson/class to oversee from the observation area. 

Medical Clearance: No medical, physical conditions or disability that would interfere from surfing activity.

Start Time: 7:00 A.M. Monday - Saturday - Year Round: A). Optimum/clean/glassy surf conditions. B). Avoid crowds. C). Safety as a priority. ***All other schools/camps start late when it's blown out, too crowded and unsafe. We start early as safety is a priority and for an non-intrusive environment while everyone else is just waking up having their cheese balls, bacon & eggs!!!

Scheduling: A 24 hour notice is required to confirm scheduled lesson appointments. 

Lessons Locations: Newport Pier area between 17th. st. to 28th. st., upper Newport 60th. to River Jetty, Huntington Beach, Bolsa Chica, San Clemente, Doho Dana Point.

Licensing, Permits and Insurance: Newport Surf School is licensed, insured and holds all proper permits. All surf school instructors are CPR certified.


The Assessment Lesson is for the individual who:

  • Has no prior surf experience
  • Is a novice or beginner to intermediate surfer
  • Has some previous surf instruction
  • Gain an introductory experience to surfing and school

The Assessment Lesson is the opportunity for preparation of a curriculum lesson plan that best fits each individual’s surf skills. This way, every student may consult after or during the lesson of what lesson plan best fits and what to expect when moving on to a Curriculum program for the total beginner or Advanced Curriculum/Road Trips for the intermediate surfer.

The Assessment Lesson is the same structure as the first lesson of the Four Lesson Curriculum, students who are then assessed may apply this Assessment Lesson to the Four Lesson Curriculum lessons (2, 3 and 4) or the Advanced Curriculum in order to fully complete the process in order to create a strong surfing foundation.

Also, this lesson is the perfect solution for the individual who is visiting the southern California area and looking for a way to have some fun or gain some introductory experience with surfing. Beginners, tourists, and small family or event party groups have the opportunity to learn the basics of safety, proper board positioning, timing to stand up on the inside breaks, and how to paddle out to and catch on the outsides breaks with the support of highly qualified, professional trainers.

 Lesson Structure:



Preparation, suiting up, unloading boards, and getting ready

15 min.

Land instruction, safety, proper board positioning, how to stand up

15 min.

Learn to stand up in the white water, paddling to the outside, timing

1.5 hrs.

Total Time:

2 hrs.


Semi Private: 

  • $125.00 if signing up alone 
  • $100.00 per student if signing up with two
  • $75.00 for three up to ten for small groups


  • $150.00 Per Student.


Four Lesson Curriculum:

The Four Lesson Curriculum is the starting point for the total beginner who has never surfed, who have attempted to surf, or taken some previous instruction. This curriculum is designed to teach the basics and fundamentals as described in the curriculum outline and lesson structure. After completion, every beginner to intermediate will learn all the basics to become a complete surfer shaving off the learning curve by decades.

Mini Two Lesson Curriculum:

***For those who would defer to take the minimum of two lessons may do so with the understanding to follow up to allow a complete process for solid surfing foundations. This option is an accommodation for those who are desiring to try out surfing first or the vacationer with time restraints to at least get a board assessment, basics in so they will surf safely with a minimal foundation as they vacation else where. This would be the mini curriculum, see below for tuition cost.

Curriculum Outline:


  • Safety tips for surfing in open ocean conditions
  • Etiquette for safe surfing
  • How to safely paddle through sets, punch through waves
  • Knowledge of tidal changes, rip currents, surf limitations, safe surfing breaks


  • Overview and tips of all surf gear requirements
  • How to wax the board and use a wax comb for clean up
  • Board assessment to determine individual, custom board dimensions 
  • Correct leash size
  • Proper fin placement
  • Correct wet suits, rash guards and booties for all seasons
  • Racks for different car models
  • First Aid Kit/medical supplies
Note: The board assessments is the critical step during this phase of the curriculum, so each student will be assessed the correct board dimensions with a full quiver provided for each individuals progression which is determined after a minimum of two lessons. It is vital to buy a board that will not just work but ride right that is custom with the correct dimensions from the outline, rocker, rails, nose and tail configuration for each individual ability which will be determined during the curriculum. 

In Shop Consult:

After the board assessment, students can take advantage of the In Shop Consult. With this extra, Matt will guide each individual student to purchase custom board(s) that matches their unique surfing ability with proper dimensions from Matt's endorsed shops and reputable shapers plus all gear selection with his discounts.

To experience the full benefit of the curriculum, it is highly recommended that students take advantage of this extra and purchase a custom board and gear that can be used for training during the last two lessons of the curriculum. This allows Matt and his staff to correctly position students and train them on their new custom boards, ensuring greater success with surf skills after completion of the curriculum.

Matt's 27 years of teaching experience has proven that 99.9% of students have received the wrong advice from either a friend, relative or unqualified surf Instructor, inexperienced shop consultant, school or camp regarding proper board dimensions and gear. Having the right "custom" board, with the right dimensions, the right gear with the right skills will make all the difference when it comes to progressing on the correct equipment not a board that just works but rides correctly.

Wave Tracking & Meteorology:

  • When to surf and where to surf
  • Finding the right conditions to surf
  • Basic meteorology and oceanography
  • Wave knowledge, tides and rip currents

***In each of the four lessons are devoted to covering how surf is created, wave knowledge, how to track surf, when the best conditions exist, when and where to surf, tides that effect currents and surf and an over all understanding of ocean conditions in this part of the curriculum in each of the four lessons to provide students the knowledge required to ensure their safety about waves/swells and surf conditions. Having these critical skills will ensure that students are not a hazard to themselves or others, and will help prevent students from getting caught in unsafe surf conditions. Matt's "signature" Curriculum book will be covered during each lesson for a sound knowledge of oceanography/meteorology.

Ocean Training:

  • Popping up
  • Timing
  • Proper board positioning
  • Dropping in on waves
  • Going down the face of a wave
  • Going left and right
  • Pivot turns
  • Turtle dive
  • Etiquette

Ocean training is the most important part of the Curriculum, where the student will learn and enhance critical surf skills to improve timing when to stand up on the insides and outside breakers out in the line up riding the wave down the face, turning, going right and left, positioning, timing, etiquette, and paddling. 

At Newport Surf School, we do not just push our students with instructors standing on the sand bar on the insides the whole time like all the other entry level surf schools/camps do, but paddle our students to the outsides so that the novice will experience real surf instruction to bring every beginner/intermediate to the next level.

Scheduling Options:

Scheduling of the Four Lessons Curriculum can be in succession of four days, every other day, or once a week; the lessons of the curriculum must be completed within a month period.

Curriculum Lesson Structure:



Unloading boards, suiting up, waxing up, lesson preparation for the first 15 minutes. 15 minutes, land instruction 1st. lesson proper board positioning, how to stand up properly/class room instruction on meteorology/wave tracking and all tips on gear/equipment lessons 2, 3, 4.

30 min.

1 hour ocean training and more meteorology/wave/ocean knowledge tips: Paddle out, timing, pivot turns, basic surfing fundamentals in outline, clean up/rinse off, questions/answer time what was covered. 

1.5 hrs.

Time Each Lesson:

2 hrs.

Four Lesson Curriculum Tuition

Semi Private:

  • $450.00 if signing up alone.
  • $300.00 per student if signing up two.
  • $600.00 per student.
Mini Two Lesson Curriculum Tuition:
Semi Private:
  • $250.00 signing up alone or $100.00 per student for two.
  • $300.00 per student.


The Advanced Curriculum is designed to take every student surf skills further to a higher level.

Gain more knowledge regarding:

  • Board assessments, hybrid and short boards
  • Advanced wave tracking/meteorology 
  • Timing and positioning in the line up
  • Advanced ocean training
  • Jockeying for position to catch waves
  • Pro/Contest knowledge/training
  • Cutting and maneuvering on a wave

In the Advanced Curriculum has proven to be so effective, that many students have started surfing on hybrid or shorter high performance boards with advanced skills in a very short period of time. 

Matt provides this signature "Advanced Curriculum Package" of multiple lessons, four minimum up to ten lessons with a couple of road trips included to give more of a solid foundation as another option to attain a solid foundation. This complete ultimate curriculum course will enhance every student perspective surfing other surf spots on road trips described below. This is what the surf school is all about, taking students to the next level by this ultimate surfing adventure and for solid surfing foundations.

Matt and his staff experience in coaching competitive surfing skills to share technical tips and surf moves with his students that have yielded amazing results in surfing skill enhancements and contest knowledge for those who are seeking to compete in this curriculum.

When calling to register, consult with Matt for this optimum curriculum course with a full surfing package!

Advanced Curriculum Lesson Structure:



Lesson preparation

15 min.

Advanced tips on boards/gear/meteorology/wave tracking

15 min.

Advanced ocean training, rinse off/clean, question/answer time

1.5 hrs.


2 hrs.


Advanced Curriculum Tuition Per Lesson/Student

Semi Private: 

  • $112.50 if signing up alone.
  • $75.00 per student if signing up two.


  • $150.00 per student.


Students have the opportunity to take advantage of Matt’s surf excursions to destinations to south/north county surf spots to further enhance their surfing experience. The local road trips provide the perfect opportunity to gain knowledge on different surf breaks. Matt’s in depth experience of south/north county breaks provides students with knowledge of left and right point breaks as well as other beach breaks. Learning to surf on different breaks is a critical part of learning to acclimate in varying surf conditions and locations.

Matt’s years of extensive world travel and surfing provide insight into other surf destinations throughout the world and California, his experience provides students with information on where to surf for the best seasonal conditions. 

Road Trip Structure:



Round trip driving time, view and discuss surf spot details

1 hr.

Preparation, equipment tips, meteorology overview

30 min.

Ocean training

1.5 hrs.

Total Time:

3 hrs.


Semi Private

  • $150.00 per student if signing up alone
  • $100.00 per student if signing up two.
  • $225.00





Surf Board Usage Fee:

A full quiver of high quality Surf Tech surf boards not cheap foamies, provided for board assessment phase until purchased or for duration of lesson(s).


Includes Transfer/Sizing/Clean Up/Storage.

Wet Suit Usage Fee:

Quality, full 3/2 summer & 4/3 thick winter warm wet suits provided for all sizes until purchased or for duration of lesson(s).


Includes Transfer/Sizing/Clean Up/Storage/Drying.

In Shop Consult Fee:

Personalized guidance and search with Matt on proper custom boards after assessment and all gear purchases. Access to sponsored, endorsed shops and local shapers with Matt’s discounts. Time: 2 hrs.


Two Hours Of Shopping.