Hi There, Welcome To The Best Surf School In The Country!!! Tina On Her 8th. Advanced Lesson Dialed In!!!

Use MapQuest/Smart Phone Maps to obtain directions from your starting point to:

  • 26th St and Newport Blvd, Newport Beach, CA, 92663 

Arrive at least 15 minutes early to find a parking spot and pay the pay station by coin, cash or credit card. Be sure to buy at least 3 hours of time, as parking tickets are now $63.00! Lessons start promptly at the designated time, so this will ensure you have plenty of time to handle parking responsibilities and start the lesson on time.

For first timers to the location, allow for an extra 30 minutes to ensure you arrive on time from your location to the meeting place for heavy traffic conditions may exist. Please make every effort to be prepared with directions and to arrive on time. Because instructors will be busy with lesson preparation, they will not be available by phone to provide directions before lessons begin.

All students must have their car to change and store clothing and other personal items such as, car keys, wallets, purses, cameras, money, and credit cards. Newport Surf School is not responsible for storage of personal items. When walking for tourists to meeting spot, please arrive with only bathing suits and towels only.

Meeting Place between Newport Bld. & Balboa Bld.Metered Parking Lot
Car Turning Right Off Newport Bld & 26th. st.. Then Immediate Left Into Parking Lot/Meeting Spot
26th. st. Balboa Bld. Newport Beach
Tina Paying Meter Looking Toward Balboa Bld.. Across Is Back Side Of Jacks & Islands Nail Salon