Why Newport Surf School Is The  # 1 Choice:

  • Superior lesson plans, beginning to advanced curriculum
  • A full staff of world-class, professional surf trainers
  • A technical approach and attention to detail
  • Affordable, competitive tuition cost

Mission Statement

At Newport Surf School, it is the mission to turn every student into competent surfers, using specialized superior curriculum combined with a technical, structured approach that will reduce the learning curve by decades, and produces solid foundations of life-long surfing skills. 

Exclusive Surf School & Curriculum

Newport Surf School is a private exclusive high-end training experience for those who are committed to acquire solid surfing foundations and who are serious about taking their surf skills to the next level. With Matt's 48 years of surfing and 28 years of "curricula development", coupled with a full staff of world class professional surfers, makes Newport Surf School stand out in excellence and results from all other entry level surf schools.

New to Surfing Program:

Newport Surf School is not limited to the full curriculum courses, as an accommodation is provided the "New to Surfing" program for individuals without prior surf experience, small event groups, tourists or for those who simply want to try out surfing for the first time. 

Jim On 3rd. Lesson On New Custom Of His Advanced Curriculum At "The Point" Newport!!!
Jim, Eric/Instructor & Nick In Their 8th. Lesson With New Custom Boards!!!
Nick, Cutting Left On 7th. Lesson Of His Customized Advanced Package/Road Trips/Comp Lessons!!!
Newport Beach Surfing School
Bruce, On His 5th. Lesson All Dialed In!!!
Road Trip'n South In A Private Uncrowded Cove!!!
Jaimie, After Completion Of The Curriculum!!!
Students Going Right/Left And Inside With Instructors During Their Curriculum & Advanced Curriculum Lessons!!!
Courtney with her new high brid custom and Sara on 3rd. lesson of the "Advanced Curriculum"
Lisa, After Taking Two Full Curriculums, She Sent This Pic Of A Shot On A Trip To Baja!!!
Sara Instructor/Jared & Nick With Matt In Their Advanced Curriculum Packages-Road Trips With New Customized Short Boards!!!
Nick World Class Pro Instructor With Student After Advanced Curriculum!!!
Sudent Lesson #8 Gliding In!!!
Matt & Student Who Surfed For A Couple Of Years Sold Inappropriate Boards Got A Custom In His Advanced Curriculum!!!
Luke Off The Lip "Advanced Course"!!!
Nick/Student That Surfed For 3 Years Completely Corrected With Two New Customs During His "Advanced Curriculum" With Top Pro "Parker"!!!
Students Catching "DOHO" On A Perfect Summer Session "Road Tripp'n" With Matt!!!
California Surfing School Lessons Orange County Newport Beachl
Jess All Boarded Up After Curriculum Ready To Go!!!
Luke, Trimming Right After Just "6" Lessons!!!
Luke, Top Shredder "Comp Training"!!!
Little Luke Cutting, Slashing After Just Four Lessons-"Comp Training"!!!
Megan After Completing Her Advanced Curriculum Ready To Hit The Outside Breakers With Her New Custom Pro Model!!!
DENISE!!! Still Hitting It 13 Years Later And Loving It!!!
Student Incredibly Going Right After 8th. Advanced Lesson When Motivated After The Curriculum On A Shorter Hy Brid!!!!!!
Adam Student/Kyle Instructor/Matt Student/George Instructor During Their Curriculum With New Customs After Board Assessment All Set Up Ready To Surf!!!
Nick World Class Pro Instructor With Student After Advanced Curriculum!!!
Jenna Instructor & Mariana Student After 4th. Lesson Of The Curriculum All Set Up And Dialed & Styled Like It's Supposed To Be!!!
Mariana With New Custom Hybrid During Her "Advanced Curriculum"!!!